The Chau & Hennessy staff

On Friday the 18th of December, eight staff members from Chau & Hennessy Professional Accountants came to the Howard St. range to have an end-of-year shoot. Two details were run from the 50m mound in the prone position with front rests. None of the visitors had shot before, so coaches were able to walk them through the process of aligning themselves with their targets, controlling their breathing and using their rifle safely and correctly. They started by practising putting shots on target, getting used to the rifle, etc., then an F-Class target was put up and shooters went through a standard F-Class shoot (minus a rear rest). Finally shooters were tested with a standard Field Class shoot with target appearing and disappearing at regular intervals. A great time was had by all in attendance, and a special thanks goes out to the club members who gave up their Friday afternoon to help out.