Chau & Hennessy Staff Shoot

The Chau & Hennessy staff

On Friday the 18th of December, eight staff members from Chau & Hennessy Professional Accountants came to the Howard St. range to have an end-of-year shoot. Two details were run from the 50m mound in the prone position with front rests. None of the visitors had shot before, so coaches were able to walk them through the process of aligning themselves with their targets, controlling their breathing and using their rifle safely and correctly. They...

Parliamentarians visit to Howard St. range

On Friday the 21st of August 2015, Senator Bridget McKenzie from Victoria and local Nationals member Luke Hartsuyker visited our Howard St. range. Their aim was to seek advice on the difficulties faced by our club in terms of government regulations.

Both parliamentarians obviously had some background information on firearms. It was apparent that Mr Hartsuyker's assistant who was also in attendance was very knowledgeable and was a licensed shooter.

These politicians both...